Children’s Extractions

Why do we need to pull baby teeth?

The two big reasons to pull a baby tooth is because of too much decay or because the baby teeth are blocking the adult teeth from coming in. There are other reasons for pulling baby teeth, but a dentist will inform the parent as to why.

So what would happen if I don’t pull the baby teeth?

Teeth that have large amounts of decay can become infected and this in turn affects the health of the child and affects the development of the adult tooth. Swelling and pain can result and the child often will stop eating and eating. It is never recommended to delay a tooth extraction on a child if there are signs of significant problems.

Will the teeth fall out on their own?

They often do, but sometimes it is not wise to wait because leaving a tooth in can cause problems. Sometimes baby teeth need help being removed because the adult tooth below it is not causing the tooth to loosen up and fall out.