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How often should I have my teeth cleaned at the dentist?

A prophylaxis, or what is commonly known as a cleaning, consists of removing the plaque and tartar from the teeth above the gums. The plaque can be removed by a tooth brush, but the tartar can only be removed by dental instruments. This tartar if left alone grows larger and larger all the while causing problems for your gums. It is highly recommended to come in for a cleaning every 6 months to remove this tartar and to also check for other dental disease or problems.

What is tartar?

Calculus, which is the technical term for tartar, is essentially the crystallized form of mineral deposits expelled from the salivary glands. The saliva glands empty around the teeth and minerals such as calcium then begin to form this crystal structure and attach to the teeth. When attached to the teeth, the bacteria in the mouth use the tartar as a beehive of sorts to multiply and grow and no amount of brushing takes it away. To make matters worse, if the tartar is below the gums, the gums won’t attach to the roots at that spot. Inflammation ensues and bone loss results.

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